Your Home Baby Session

On the day

I will bring throws and wraps in pale/neutral colours and all I need for my mobile studio is clear space in front of natural light, so a large window or ideally a patio door area, similar to the set up below.


I use parents as props too!! This could be an arm, shoulder, hands...babies are always happiest when with their parents and I love the way it gives perspective on how tiny they are! 

If there is anything personal you want included in the photos, like a teddy, a onesie, a blanket, hospital tags etc.. just have them to hand on the day.


I recommend parents to wear tops that are plain and neutral in colour, so white/grey/pastel's, basically neutral tones, as these don’t distract from the focus being on baby. Also, wearing dark colours like black or navy will easily show up tiny details like dust and hairs in the photos.


Throughout the session I will be getting some of baby on their own, with you as a family and some detail shots of their features like hair, hands, feet all in a very natural way.


I set out 2 hours for the session, we won’t be photographing all the way through, as babies usually need little cuddles or feeds throughout the session. 

Awake or Asleep

I never over pose and only use positions baby feels comfortable in, this means your baby can be awake during the session. All we really need them to be is happy and content.

The Set Up

All I need for my studio is clear space in front of a large window or ideally a patio door area, similar to the set up here.

The stands and backdrop take up approx 2 meters width and are ideally at a slight angle to the window light

if in doubt just ask


2 hour home session

2 10×8 inch prints

Private online gallery

Around 70 hand edited images - however there is no max

The session can include parents and siblings

Travel included up to 40 mins from Newcastle Upon Tyne area



If your newborn has a big brother or sister it is always perfect to capture a few of them together and this can definitely be included in the newborn session!

Just let me know when you book in.

Get in touch

Travel is included in the £60 session price up to 40 minutes from the Newcastle Upon Tyne area - If you live further afield then there may be a small additional travel fee - please just ask for more info

Prints | HIGH QUALITY lustre finish

7x5 inch £10 | 8x6 inch £14 | 10x8 inch £17 - other sizes available


P&P ~ free with your first order, any orders after this P&P will be £4.50

£250 | Gallery Download - with extra prints

Your images are downloadable online straight to your laptop and this will contain all the high resolution JPGs from your gallery, copyright free, for you to share, use, duplicate as you wish.

Plus with this option you receive your choice of 8 6x4 or 6 7x5 or 4 10x8 inch prints

Unfortunately I cannot sell individual JPGs and the Gallery download is non refundable.

Tip 1

Newborns do not retain heat well so it is important to keep the room warm as your baby will be usually be naked wrapped in a blanket for most of the session.


Tip 2

Babies usually fall asleep once fed, so if possible before the session, please feed your baby in only their nappy (whilst wrapped in a blanket). That way we do not have to undress and disturb their sleep when we start the session


Aim to feed baby just before the session or ideally whilst I am there setting up. Although I understand babies feed on demand when this young, so this is just a guide, it is not essential.

Your photos captured in the most natural relaxed way....

Moments you want to remember....

sibling Love...

family moments.....


Can I include my dog in some photos?

Simple answer is YES definitely....they are a big part of your family too!